Propshop Dubai tips for UAE National day celebration

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While everyone is getting ready for an awesome long weekend, it’s time of the year again for transforming spaces and captivating guests during the UAE National day celebration.

Propshop Dubai has some really cool tips on how to make a breathtaking decor using our Arabian Night props this UAE National day. An Arabian Night theme is clearly in place, but with Propshop Dubai’s rich brown hues of camels in different poses, the incredible Falcon statue, the moon, and star-shaped tables and our amazing Palm tree.

These Propshop Dubai’s selection of Arabian Night props are going to breath new life into your UAE National day celebration!

Think outside the box this UAE National day

Decoration for UAE National day is all about creativity and Propshop Dubai can help you get that in spades!

Propshop Dubai has a large selection of interesting Arabian Nights props done with intricate designs that are incredibly exciting. We have the star and moon shaped tables which definitely form a solid and striking art in your event.

Don’t skimp on lighting during UAE National day

It’s important to have the right lighting during your UAE National day event. Aim for a subtle mood lighting from the Propshop Dubai’s Palm tree with lights that enhances the ambiance of your Arabian Nights display.

These beautiful and vintage trees added glam and sophistication and a genius way to bring brightness to your UAE National day event!

Bigger is better during UAE National day

Propshop Dubai advises going for the bigger and life-sized decors. Add life to your Arabian Nights display this UAE National day with our very functional camel seat which evokes old-world whimsy. Propshop Dubai has camel (sitting), camel (female), camel (male) and camel (resting) with expressive faces and intricate artistic detailing that can make an impact on your guests!

Lastly, not a detail has been overlooked on Propshop Dubai’s camel (calf). It was made flawlessly and can be great for adding the finishing touch to your UAE National day display.

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More is more during UAE National day

Although the trend in decoration tends to sway towards a more minimal aesthetic these days, this does not apply to UAE National day.

This day needs to be exceptional and beautiful! Give your entire display the feeling of Arabian Nights and a day in the desert feel. There is an incredibly exciting with Propshop Dubai’s Falcon statue. Add this to your display as this is considered a symbol and big part in the traditional culture of UAE, it is worth adding to the décor your preparing for UAE National day.

Clearly, Propshop Dubai can provide you with just the right Arabian Nights décor for UAE National day display. Nothing is more welcoming to guests than a bright, whimsical and friendly UAE National day decors! These traditional UAE National day props are all standard fare in these times. But such tradition has not stopped Propshop Dubai from putting our own spin on UAE National day decorations.

If you would like to see what Propshop Dubai can do for you when it comes to UAE National day decorations, contact us and get the ball rolling!

Camel (Female and Calf) podium set Propshop
Camel (Female and Calf) podium set Propshop

Camel (female & calf) podium set

Camel (male) podium set Propshop
Camel (male) podium set Propshop

Camel (male) podium set

Arabian Nights Camel Seat Props

Camel seat

Sitting Camel on Plinth Set

Arabian Nights Camel Calf Props

Camel (calf)

Male Camel
Arabian Nights Camel Male Props

Camel (male)

Arabian Nights Camel Resting Props

Camel (resting)

Arabian Nights Camel Sitting Props

Camel (sitting)

Arabian Nights Camel Female Props Front

Camel Female

Arabian Nights Falcon Statue Props

Falcon statue

Arabian Night Moon Props


Arabian Nights Palm Tree Half With Light Props

Palm Tree (half, with lights)

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