Our Story

“my mum’s an artist….she is working on her own Prop Shop….it will happen one day!”

Our Story Begins when As a little girl, I would take my pillow and clear the shoes from the bottom of my wardrobe. It was in that meter and a half space. I would secretly make up my bed. I would wait and wait, hoping to discover travel through the wardrobe to the land of Narnia, a magical fantasy world. Needless to say, I would fall asleep and in the morning, I would claim to my brother that it will happen one day!

My family knew a little of how they fueled my imagination with our special but cold visits to Trafalgar Square to see the magical turning on of the festive lights. Walking down busy Oxford street turnings, with the smell of chestnuts roasting, peering into the Christmas window displays of Selfridges, Liberty’s and Harrods….the windows were alive! I was mesmerized by the lights and delighted by the fantasy the windows had to offer, I was hooked.

As an adult, I spent 20 enjoyable years working in the display & visual merchandising world. In my own time, I would have visions of the prop shop and its event launch. But it was not until I overheard my son talking to his friends….boasting he said,

My family continues to inspire and support me ’till this day and I am happy to announce, today it has happened! The doors have opened to my magical world!