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Why should I hire props for my Celebrating Eid in Dubai? Well, this is one of the common questions we’re usually being asked by budget savvy ones to get the most out of their buck.

Whether you’re preparing for a special event or a family gathering this coming Celebrating Eid in Dubai, you want your space to look fabulous and festive. However, buying event props isn’t always the best or most cost-effective option, and decorating can take a lot of time and planning.

When it comes to creating beautiful, unique event displays, there are genuine, because some obvious benefits to hiring props for your EID celebration event. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring your event props at Propshop Dubai!


Firstly, Hiring is really key for everyone planning an Celebration Eid in Dubai. This tends to be the least expensive way to create the look than buying or DIY props.

Secondly, buying your props enables you to personalize your event perfectly, but it means you need a big budget to start with as it isn’t a surprise that buying your own props is often the most expensive option.

DIY, on the other hand is a good option for those who have a love for all things craft, although, do beware! Because creating your own EID event props can be agreat fun as you can personalize the items that looked easy to create, but in reality, a nightmare to make!

Therefore, hiring items at Propshop Dubai is the most cost-effective option especially if you are not hosting multiple EID events per year, so that you don’t have to pay for storage and transportation fees without profiting when the EID props are out of use!

Arabian Camel

Choosing a theme for your EID event can be tricky, but hiring your event items from Propshop Dubai can allow your EID celebrations stand out from the rest. Propshop has Arabian nights theme sets ready for hire, perfect for Celebrating Eid in Dubai events.

One of the obvious benefits of hiring items from Propshop Dubai is that, we have an extensive collection of unique designs, concepts and sets, for you to use as your own for your EID events at a fraction of the cost of purchasing outright. In many cases, some of these props will not be available to purchase anywhere in Dubai so, it’s well worth looking at hire option from Propshop Dubai! See Propshop Dubai’s catalogue to view our new concepts and sets to choose from!

  • TIME SAVING (No manufacturing / production waiting times)

Hosting an EID party can be time-consuming and stressful but when you hire your event items from Propshop Dubai, you’ll save a significant amount of time and energy, giving you more time to enjoy your special event.

This includes the production waiting time because most of Propshop Dubai’s items are ready to rent. We take your stress out of fabrication your new props, saving you time and cost. Because instead of using your time searching for the right vendors, you can leave this task to Propshop Dubai to take care of it. In addition, Propshop Dubai bring years of creative experience to the table, meaning, you’ll never produce an event without a creative theme!

Propshop Dubai has the largest inventory of props ready for hire in UAE, see Propshop Dubai’s catalogue to choose the best concepts and sets carefully selected by us.


Propshop Dubai is engaged to providing high quality and premium items to the market.

You can see it from unique details of each props, from our life-sized camels that have glass eyes to our very realistic penguins.

Propshop Dubai is careful to not overlook any detail. To ensure that things do not get missed during the event, you can view the item that you would like to hire in advance. So that you will be informed on the availability of each that you are interested in. We can also show you the size dimension so, you can plan your own space accordingly.

Camel Head
Camel Head Detail

One thing that is certain in hiring items at Propshop Dubai, you don’t have to pay for storage. Instead, you only have to pay for the one-time use, and you don’t have to store the props in between seasons!


The last and the most important, the benefit of hiring items from Propshop Dubai is the passion we bring to your Celebrating Eid in Dubai and any events that you’ll be having.

Because serving clients with creative event needs is what we live and breathe on a daily basis and incredibly passionate about what we do. This translate to success in your next event!

Planning an event can be highly stressful with a lot of details to look into. So, with the help of Propshop Dubai, you can lessen the burden by choosing the best concept and sets and let the magic happens in your EID holiday celebrations!


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