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9 Dinosaur Props to Complete your Jurassic World Theme Park!

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Join the rescue operation to save the Dinosaurs from an island that’s about to explode in the next Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie!
Few years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, we will now see the return of the raptors and all the details of the eagerly-awaited Jurassic sequel are what Propshop Dubai would like to help you with these 9 Dinosaur props to complete your Jurassic World decorations.
Propshop Dubai offers a huge selection of Dinosaurs and we have everything you could need to make your own Jurassic World go with a roar! So, whether you require T-rex with saddle seat or wall decor, our selection of Dinosaurs in Propshop Dubai will really help you set the scene.

A prehistoric jungle of fun and adventure awaits your guests as they enter your event or venue with our T-rex with Saddle seat, T-rex wall decor, Brachiosaurus wall decor, Deinonychus skeleton, T-rex  (white with Saddle seat), Deinonychus wall decor, Triceratops with Saddle seat, Stegosaurus with Saddle seat and Apatosaurus with Saddle seat. These 9 amazing Dinosaurs fulfill the dreams of most Jurassic Park fans!
If you’re not sure yet of what to choose to create your own Jurassic World event, we bring you our Dinosaurs worth renting with awesome features! Contact us at 0544102060 or email for more details.


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