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Make Your Event ‘The Greatest Show’ with Propshop Dubai’s Display Ideas

Carnival with Carnical Aminals

Close your eyes and you shall see, The Propshop Dubai’s “The Greatest Show” amazing props waiting for thee!

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have seen the Greatest Showman when it came out last year. It’s the best circus movie and probably the best movie musical we’ve ever seen. After the release, we have seen a lot of circuses and The Greatest Show party craze everywhere. So, the Propshop Dubai has come up with display concept ideas that can help you pull off the Greatest Show event ever!

These Propshop Dubai’s “The Greatest Show” props are packed with A Million Dreams certain to come true at your event! This concept displays ideas with every prop from the baby elephant, Zebra carousel, Mr. Chimp, Jack the Rabbit, Giraffe, and Silverback Gorilla is perfect for any age, and anyone who wants to have an exciting event in their own backyard and special venues!

The Propshop Dubai’s special Greatest Show display concept includes the following that is sure to make you smile:

The Propshop Dubai’s huge Nutcrackers

The entrance should be strong enough to encourage the guests to enter the event. Two huge, 12 ft. nutcrackers were positioned at the entrance with The Greatest show branding on the top façade. This really lends the air of authenticity to give the Greatest show-themed event a more genuine feel to a real circus! We love it!

The Propshop Dubai’s Silverback Gorilla & Zebra

Remember, the circus event isn’t the greatest show unless it looks like a circus. Think Red and white stripes, the Greatest show branding, and a lot of colors! The Propshop Dubai’s Silverback Gorilla and the mighty Giraffe look good on the plinths branded with the Greatest show elements!

The amazing Propshop Dubai’s Elephant (mini)

One of the most important parts of the Greatest Show event is the focal point display where kids and guests can gather around to take photos. Propshop Dubai’s Elephant (mini) on the plinth looks really amazing! We just love how everything came together flawlessly!

The Propshop Dubai’s Lion (with wings)

One of the highlights of the Greatest Show event is the Propshop Dubai’s Lion (with wings). True to the saying as king of the jungle, the Lion (with wings) shows its raw power and strength on top of its own plinth!

Propshop Dubai’s Mr. Chimp

The Greatest Show event isn’t legit unless there is Mr. Chimp! He may just be the quintessential circus or Greatest Show event prop!

Propshop Dubai’s Zebra Carousel & Jack the Rabbit

Other fun touches are the brilliant Zebra carousel and Jack the Rabbit on the plinth. They have the Greatest show branding and it made them look more in tune with the Greatest Show event!

Propshop Dubai’s Tigress with cub

A fun bonus! Include this Propshop Dubai Tigress with her cub to get guests and kids posing around them and have fun!

Propshop Dubai’s Entrance décor options

Check out how much your Greatest Show will turn into a big event with these options of entrance curtains with Greatest Show branding or a circus tent at the entrance. 

Life-size standee with face cutouts

Capture the event moments with this life-sized standee! We all love the circus as a child and were fascinated by all the oddities that came with it like the strong man, the bearded lady, and so on. This Propshop Dubai standee would be a great way to celebrate the event with friends!

Are you thinking about putting together the Greatest Show event in the future? Follow Propshop Dubai’s Instagram account for the latest props details and events and contact us so we can make your Greatest show ideas almost fun as the real ones!


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