Santa’s Cabin Theme Concept Prop shop Dubai will show you how to give a twist on tradition with the Santa’s Cabin concept. A beautiful Santa chair takes the center stage – Santa spends the majority of his time seated, so, give him somewhere comfortable to sit in. The display is also adorned with the nutcracker 6ft., the fireplace, Carousel horse, ABC Toy block, giant lollipops and Candy canes. The penguin with sleigh and presents complete the stunning theme concept. Decorating for Christmas is a blast, but it can also be overwhelming and takes a lot of time. By putting in a little bit of planning and work ahead of time, this year’s holiday season will be less stressful and more fun! Book your Prop shop Dubai’s stunning concepts as you welcome your guests to a beautiful holiday! Santa’s Sleigh Theme Concept Give yourself the gift of timeless and labor-less Christmas decorations when you book the Prop shop Dubai’s Santa Sleigh concept! Each unique prop will tell a story and act as a great conversation piece during your holiday event. Santa is a very popular guy during the most wonderful time of the year! et him into your event together with his own sleigh being pulled by amazing reindeer. The giant lollipop, candy canes, ABC toy blocks and presents will be added to fancy up the whole display concept. Penguin Family Theme Concept Just because large department stores seem to explode in bright red and greens during the Christmas season does not mean that you have to completely follow the tradition when choosing the props for the holidays. Instead, plan ahead and choose Prop shop Dubai’s Penguin family and save time and cost on your decorations. Experience Prop shop Dubai’s very own slice of Antarctica and explore fun and entertaining Penguin Family and very colorful giant lollipops. If you can’t live in the North Pole, you might as well pretend! CHRISTMAS SETS If you’re counting down until the big day, then, you might as well make your holiday event or home look as festive as possible with the Prop shop Dubai’s jolly holiday decoration sets. Then, watch and wait until the clock strikes “Christmas”. Polar Bear and Candy Cane set We will show you how to give your event place or home a vivid focal point with the Prop shop Dubai’s Polar bear and Candy cane set. Book this set and prepare for the most huggable bear’s warm welcome to all your guest this holiday season! Santa (sitting) and Carousel horse set Our favorite way to light up your holiday season is to offer you the brilliant array of amazing props ready to greet guest and carolers on your holiday event. Book our Santa (sitting) and Carousel horse set, including the giant lollipops, ABC toy block and candy canes. This simple Christmas set is an easy way to spruce up your event place during the holiday season. The Gingerbread Family This sweet family will definitely give your holiday season some extra sparkle! Book them including the stunning candy canes to make your home of event a Christmas haven! Twin Polar Bear set Spread the Winter season joy with the Twin Polar bear set. Get a head start by booking Propshop Dubai’s Twin Polar bear set. The twin polar bear set, including the candy canes will brighten your winter holidays event! Twin Snowman set If there’s anyone excited for Christmas than you, it’s your kids. Share this special moment with them by renting this larger than life Twin snowman chair, including the most stunning giant lollipops! Winter Wonderland set Walk into the Winter wonderland throughout the holiday season with Propshop Dubai’s winter wonderland set and be greeted by these huggable bears and an amazing penguin. Book early as we only have limited quantities ready for hire! Candy cane Family Stretch your holiday décor to its maximum limit by using the best props to bring Christmas merriment into your home or event. Prop shop Dubai has the Candy cane family that both kids and adults will love This sweet and unique little family is the perfect way to add drama and smiles during your holiday event. Gift set A little goes a long way. When it comes to Christmas decors, the value of your holiday display is never measured by how many gifts or how many blessings you have received during this wonderful holiday season. Instead of many fabulous Christmas props, opt for the simple and classic Prop shop Dubai Gift set and ideally place these presents next to your giant Christmas tree! However lavish or simple your Christmas event maybe, the Propshop Dubai’s Christmas sets and concepts will help you bring the spirit of the holiday season to every corner of your venue and all the hearts of your guests! Book any of these amazing Prop shop Dubai’s Christmas sets and concepts, ready to rent, saving you on design, production time and cost. You won’t end up in total survival mode, rushing around to buy decors and props, attend events and do all the Christmas things and don’t take time to enjoy the season and truly prepare yourself for the things that truly matters. This year, please decide to start plan ahead in several different areas so that, by the time the holidays roll around, you will be prepared and will be able to enjoy the season instead of just rushing through it! Maybe you have already been on this for months. Maybe the holidays are something that are on your radar all year long and you’re always on the lookout and preparing for that. If this is you, you are my hero! Book your preferred Christmas sets and concept and contact us so, we can give you all the help you need in bringing your dream holiday display into reality!

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