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Pirate Themed Props for your next Event

Pirate Boat with Pirate Kid

Ahoy there! Welcome aboard the Pirate Party where you will find all the Propshop Dubai’s buried treasures! This party theme creates a lush, fantasy island atmosphere inhabited by entertaining pirates such as Pirate Girl (Rosie rock) and Pirate Boy (mason). This include the huge and amazing Pirate Treasure chest, Propshop Dubai’s bespoke Boat bar with […]

5 Ways to Throw the Perfect Oscar Awards Night

Oscar Statue in an Event

Lights, camera, Action! Oscar 2019 – 91st Academy Awards that is happening on February 24, 2019 is the perfect excuse to throw an amazing, glamourous looking party that your guests will be talking forever. While it may seem like a huge job, it’s the tiny details that come together to make a fun and successful […]

Desert Pirates

pirate props settings with pirate Kids Statue

If you’re looking for a unique and immersive theme for your event, look no further than the Prop Shop’s Desert Pirates. This theme features life-sized Pirate Statues and a Boat Bar that will transport your guests to a world of adventure and excitement. The Pirate Statues are incredibly realistic and highly detailed, making them a […]

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