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Pirate Boat with Pirate Kid

Ahoy there! Welcome aboard the Pirate Party where you will find all the Propshop Dubai’s buried treasures! This party theme creates a lush, fantasy island atmosphere inhabited by entertaining pirates such as Pirate Girl (Rosie rock) and Pirate Boy (mason).

Outdoor Event

This include the huge and amazing Pirate Treasure chest, Propshop Dubai’s bespoke Boat bar with firing cannons, space for photo op and being protected by a giant octopus!

Whether it’s Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island themed event, Propshop Dubai wide range of Pirate themed quality and bespoke props are available to suit your every need. So, come on board with Propshop Dubai’s Boat bar and begin your Pirate adventure!

Fantastic and fun, the Propshop Dubai’s props are perfect for encouraging your children to really take on their roles and interact with each other. No Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island theme would be complete without the Boat bar and its add-on Pirates statues and including the Seagull on mooring bollard!

Boat Rare View

So, make an impression and witness the Pirate life with Propshop Dubai’s Boat bar and Pirate themed props! Contact us if you need any further information and more personalized event.


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