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5 Ways to Throw the Perfect Oscar Awards Night

Oscar Statue in an Event

Lights, camera, Action!

Oscar 2019 – 91st Academy Awards that is happening on February 24, 2019 is the perfect excuse to throw an amazing, glamourous looking party that your guests will be talking forever. While it may seem like a huge job, it’s the tiny details that come together to make a fun and successful event and Propshop Dubai has got you covered from planning to execution!

With Propshop Dubai, you don’t have to literally roll out the red carpet to set the scene, Some striking piece that commands Oscar Awards and supporting Hollywood props will go a long way.

The Oscar Awards is very versatile so, Propshop Dubai has an amazing and high-quality prop specifically designed for Hollywood and Oscar Awards night events. We have the most amazing Oscar statue that stands up gold and shiny, ready to welcome celebrities to the coveted red carpet, the golden Lion (with wings) that looks majestic even alone. Add this pair of wings on a golden lion and you have a roaring success at your next Oscar Award party. We have the most recognized Oscar statue 1ft., the enticing Cupcake (Gold leaf), the beautiful Palm tree (with lights), the Star shaped table, the Mirror (gold tiger) and the most adorable Mr. Chimp!

Whether you want your Oscars event to be casual or glitzy and glam, let the Propshop Dubai Oscar Awards props be the hero. The main objective of this very popular theme is to bring some of the glitz and glam of celebrity events to everything from Oscar Awards night to everyday events!

Create an Oscar Awards night – worthy setting

One glance at your chosen venue and the guests will be starstruck! Set out a fresh cast of A-list Propshop Dubai’s amazing and bespoke props to set the tone that will make your event worthy of Hollywood’s top stars! Remember, the Oscar statue is a must!

Propshop Dubai Oscar’s Face Cut out

Create the perfect photo opportunity with the face cut out made specifically for Oscar Awards night party.

Create a party mix of tunes from your favorite Oscar winning movies.

Most Oscar Awards songs are available on itunes or you can get a soundtrack of Oscar Awards theme song at most online music stores. Spotify will have an Oscars Awards mix, ready to play to make it really easy.

Dress to Impress

In line with the Oscars Awards theme, ask your guests to be dressed red carpet ready to make them feel like a star. Relive some of the most glamourous looks from Hollywood’s best night and dress to impress!

Red carpet Refreshments

Offer to swap champagne for a signature red carpet cocktail. A quick dip in citrus juice and edible glitter gives the pink prosecco concoction a paparazzi-approved look!

No matter what the budget, grab your film-buff friends for the hottest ticket of the season- a front row seat to the Academy awards in the comfort of your glammed-up home or venue and host the hottest Oscar Awards event of the year!

 Want to know more? See our Oscar Awards and Hollywood themed props website page. If you would like to know what Propshop Dubai team can do for you, contact us and get the film rolling!


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