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See our props in real-life action. Feed your senses with the best of the best props to throw the event of a lifetime. In catering different types of events, we’ve been privileged to witness, grow, and understand the concept of today’s benchmark and beyond. We take every event as an opportunity to collaborate with event organizers who are fueled with passion and commitment, all channeled towards a growing industry of props-making. With more projects to come, we’re hoping to see you down the road and let’s take your imagination into life.

Season Events

White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, All Things Santa – Season Event is where enchantment collides with reality. Our props will take you to a magical world where Santa meets the penguins of the pole. Where Mr. Nutcracker throws the best tea party at a secret spot in town. A Season Event is where you need to be at the first burst of snowflakes through glass windows. We are the curator of the best Season Events that kids and families are crazy about.

Birthday Parties

The most common party of them all – Birthday Parties. This is why we got a lot of themes to choose from when it comes to birthday parties.

The biggest catch though is you can actually mix and match props. Your full creative control. You want carousels paired with dinosaurs? Totally okay! In here, boring is definitely not an option. So, better start drafting that birthday invitation cause your friends are about to attend the best birthday party ever!

Corporate Events

It’s about time we cut the cord to those dull Corporate Events. The phrase itself is a bit hard t grasp so instead, let’s do the contrary. Corporate Events plus Amazing Well-Crafted Props.

Boom! Perfect combo. This is exactly what you need. Enough with the traditional decorations on your corporate events. Try props that are relevant, superior, unique, and engaging. At first glance, your attendees will know that that’s a well-planned gathering.

Mall Decorations

A fast-paced environment needs something that is eye-catching. In a mall, a gathering crowd attracts attention. But moreover so, huge and unique props. These are what will dictate how well-executed your mall decorations and events are. Something that will fascinate the mall-goers, the kids, and even the hungry grandmas due to the neverending window shopping.

Putting up good mall decorations is subject to people patiently lining up just for that one photo that’ll always be part of their good memories.

Outdoor Events

There’s a different kind of thrill in Outdoor Events. Crowd’s huge, there’s probably a stage for numerous acts, food trucks are seen, kids running around tirelessly, and the props and decorations are out of this world. They’re massive, spectacular, and perfect where they belong.

On the other hand, organizing an outdoor event can be a bit challenging. But hey, that’s what Prop shop is for. This is our expertise. To bring life, fun, theatrics, and beautiful props to any outdoor events.

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