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Proms mark the end of the school year, not just in Dubai but around the world. It is held around the end of term or after completing the school exams. The idea is for students to have fun with their classmates. Hollywood event is the best Idea.

It is indeed one of the biggest party in a student’s school life! So, how do you find a way to make your venue look good at the end of year school prom?

Whether you hold you end of school prom party at a five-star hotel or do it in a simple venue, Propshop Dubai has an amazing selection of quality event props that are ready for rent, saving you on design, production time and most importantly, cost.

Hollywood prom Time mood board

One of the best theme during the end of year prom is the Academy or Oscar Awards party or the Hollywood Event. This will bring the glitz and glam of celebrity events to everything from Oscar Awards night to your school’s end of year Prom! That is to say, Propshop Dubai has the most amazing Oscar statue, that stands up gold and shiny, ready to welcome prom-goers to the coveted red carpet.

oscar hollywood event mood board

In addition to that, Propshop Dubai has the Golden Lion (with wings) that looks majestic on its own. We also have the most recognized Oscar statue 1ft, the very enticing cupcake (gold leaf), the beautiful Palm tree (with lights), the Star table as well as the most adorable Mr. Chimp! These props from Propshop Dubai will turn an ordinary end of year prom into a glamorous event, in other words, one that’s fit for celebrities!

Again, let your students take a stroll down the red carpet with Propshop Dubai’s Hollywood props and let them live like a celebrity at your next end of year Prom. Ultimately, Propshop Dubai Hollywood props can give your students the chance to be a star!

Want to know more? Please check out our Propshop Dubai Catalogue and browse through our website to see more available Propshop Dubai sets and concepts.


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