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3 best decoration ideas for Ramadan and Eid 2018

Ramadan Scene

During the holy month of Ramadan, we tend to look at some essential Ramadan decorations for iftar parties and other EID events. And if finding unique and creative Ramadan and EID decorations for your home or

events have you stumped this year, no worries…Propshop Dubai has Ramadan decoration ideas inspired by Islamic style and Arabian night designs! We also know a lot of traditional Ramadan decorations available in the market, but this time around, we are looking at contemporary and chic ideas that still uplift the Ramadan spirit.

Like all holidays in the UAE, Ramadan has its share of special ways of decorating and marking its meaning. Take a look at Propshop Dubai 3 best decoration ideas for Ramadan 2018 that can be used in your iftar parties and EID celebrations:

Tip 1:  It’s time to get into the spirit of Ramadan celebrations with our Propshop Dubai Golden Palm tree, our attractive male camel, and an amazing Falcon. This Golden palm tree will literally light up your iftar parties this month whilst the male camel statue that has intricate artistic detailing will add life to your Ramadan celebrations. Our Falcon statue has a crucial part in the UAE culture thus, brings the traditional Arabian nights spirit to your home or Ramadan and EID events!
These Arabian nights props are a great representation of this holy month’s celebration and these elegant props will simply add a festive look to your iftar parties or other Ramadan and Eid celebrations.
Looking for more Arabian Nights and Ramadan decoration ideas this year? Contact us for more details.

Tip 2:  If you are planning to host another Ramadan or EID party, then what better way to do it than having the Propshop Dubai Arabian Nights Golden star table? This unique Golden star table will form a solid and striking piece in your iftar parties or other Ramadan or EID events as you can hang it on the wall, use it as your iftar table or you can position it standing to give your visitors a festive feeling.
Our exquisite resting camel statue can add an element of interest to your Ramadan and Eid celebrations that will delight your guests. And lastly, our glowing Golden Palm tree lights up your entire event!


These Ramadan decoration idea combines the feel of traditional Arabian nights decoration with the popular Ramadan theme to present a visual treat for your guests!
Contact us for memorable Arabian nights iftar events.

Tip 3: One of the most festive things that you can do during Ramadan, especially if you’re planning to host big iftar parties is to create a display using the Propshop Dubai Arabian Nights and Ramadan decoration ideas.

Remember, this time only comes around once a year and it can help you get into the spirit of the holiday with our chic Golden moon table. Our sleek Golden moon table is an Arabian nights piece that can add a stylish touch to your iftar events as you can hang it on the wall or use as your iftar table to Wow your guests.

The kids will also be delighted with our beautiful sitting camel statue with an expressive face and will definitely strike a pose for a great photo opportunity.
This Ramadan decoration idea can be matched with other bespoke items to complete the display.
Not sure where to go? Contact us to get more ideas!

If you need professional assistance and make your ideas come to life, please contact Propshop Dubai at (+971)544102060 or email
Once again, Propshop Dubai congratulates you this holy month and hope you and your family will enjoy your Ramadan and Eid celebrations a lot!


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