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‘Tis the season for love! Valentine’s day is not just about selecting gifts or looking your prettiest best. Amid all the excitement and zeal, choosing the rare but best Valentine’s day props and decors is also on most people’s list. Making it innovative and interesting, especially due to the unending rush during the entire week of love here in Dubai.

With a touch of fun and romance, you can shoot your arrow towards all these great and high quality Propshop Dubai’s Valentine’s day props even without cupid’s lead!

When it comes to décor, it’s more than just splashing red all around or turning everything heart-shaped. There are many ways to turn things super trendy and very classy. Whether they are our Cupcakes with hearts, Valentine’s day lollipops, the very memorable and fun kissing booth and best of all you can get hugs and cuddles this Valentine’s day from Propshop Dubai’s Peter Giant Bear! 

There are plenty of décor ideas here in Propshop Dubai to put the atmosphere into the right gear.

We are celebrating all thing l-o-v-e and remember, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to go all out with the romance. So, make sure to get the Propshop Dubai’s Peter Giant Bear to your event so, your guests and friends can enjoy the hugs and cuddles this Valentine’s day! He has everything you need to create a festive event this coming Valentine’s day.

As an addition, nothing speaks quite like the Propshop Dubai’s Cupcake sprinkled with love that can give you a sweet and amazing feel for the most romantic day of the year! Get this Propshop Dubai’s special cupcake to jazz up your venue and make it a sweet Valentine’s day event!

What’s with all the sweet love floating around as Valentine’s day comes near? Celebrate the Valentine’s day and get every guest in your Valentine’s day event all caught up in the love spell with Propshop Dubai’s Valentine lollipops.

Make it a night to remember. Everyone needs a kiss! Roll up, roll up and get your kisses from your special someone with the Propshop Dubai’s amazing Kissing booth. 

Celebrate in style! You are blessed with those who go the extra mile just for you. Instead of lazing around during Valentine’s day, light up your spirit and don’t forget to get all your deserved hugs and cuddles from the Propshop Dubai’s Peter Giant Bear!

Any special touches you will be placing around your event this Valentine’s day? We’d love to know! Contact usand we will help you create something new and classy that would linger in the minds of your guests!

Advanced Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here in Propshop Dubai!


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