Looking for unique Jungle or Safari themed party supplies and props in the UAE? Look no further! You can create wild and exotic memories and make your guests feel like they are in the Jungle with Propshop Dubai large selection of Safari themed props! Our Tiger with cub, Baby ELephant, long-legged Baby Giraffe, life-sized Silverback Gorilla, exotic Rhinoceros head, Large Tiger mirror, Giant Black ant and the Standing bear will bring life to your Safari themed event.

Safari Props Set
Safari Props Set

Gorilla & giraffe set

Elephant Set Safari Propshop
Elephant Set Safari Propshop

Elephant set

Tiger and Cub Set
Tiger and Cub Set

Tiger and cub set

Elephant with Shadow LAdy
Carnival Elephant Mini Props

Elephant Statue

Giraffe Statue with female Shadow
Carnival Giraffe Calf Props

Giraffe Statue (calf)

Horse Statue with Shadow Figure
Safari Horse Propshop

Horse Statue

Lion Statue with Shadow Figure
Safari Lion Propshop Side view

Lion Statue

Monkey Sitting on Tree Trunk Laughing
Safari Monkey Tree Trunk Propshop

Monkey on Tree Trunk seat

Giant Ant Statue with Shadow
Safari Ant Props


Giant white Mirror with shadow
Safari Mirror White Tiger Props

Large Mirror (white tiger)

Standing Polar Bear with Shadow Figure
Safari Polar Bear Standing Props

Polar Bear Standing

tiger Gold Mirror with Shadow Figure
Hollywood Mirror Gold Tiger Props

Mirror (gold tiger)

rhinoceros head
Safari Rhinoceros Head Props

Rhinoceros head

Realistic Gorilla Statue with shadow Picture
Safari Silverback Gorilla Props

Silverback Gorilla

Tiger with cub and shadow figure
Safari Tiger With Cub Props

Tiger with cub