Create a Carnival atmosphere with the Propshop Dubai's Circus themed decoration props. The overwhelming presence of children in a Circus themed party and their excitement speaks volume! The fun and colorful theme of Circus themed event is a magical way to celebrate a variety of events from our striking Carousel horses, Baby elephant and Giraffe with Jack the Rabbit and Mr. Chimp, you can definitely make your Circus guests feel like they are at the greatest show on earth!

Greatest Themed Concept
Hollywood Lionwings Golden Circus Props Event

The greatest showman Carnival Theme

Greatest Themed Concept 2 Propshop
Greatest Themed Concept 2 Propshop

The greatest show theme Concept 2

Lion Plinth Set Propshop
Lion Plinth Set Propshop

Lion (with wings) set

Elephant Plinth Set Propshop
Circus Elephant on Plinth

Circus Elephant set

Giraffee Plinth Set Propshop
Giraffee Plinth Set Propshop

Silverback gorilla & giraffe set

Chimp Plint Set Propshop
Chimp Plint Set Propshop

Mr. Chimp set

Peter and Zebra Circus Set Propshop
Peter and Zebra Circus Set Propshop

Jack the rabbit & zebra carousel set

Carnival Horse Seat Props

Horse seat

Mr Chimp Monkey Butler with Sclae Figure
Hollywood Mr Chimp Props

Mr Chimp

ABC Toy block with shadow image
Festive Christmas ABC Toy Block Props

ABC Toy Block

Elephant with Shadow LAdy
Carnival Elephant Mini Props

Elephant Statue

Giraffe Statue with female Shadow
Carnival Giraffe Calf Props

Giraffe Statue (calf)

Jack the Ring master with shadow figure
Carnival Jack The Rabbit Props

Jack the Rabbit Ring Master

Zebra Carousel with shadow figure
Carnival Carousel Zebra Props

Carousel Zebra

Carousel Horse with Shadow Figure
Carnival Carousel Horse Props

Carousel horse