Who wouldn’t love to go to a Hollywood themed party? The money, the fame, and the glitz and glam, a good time for all of your guests, for the ultimate red carpet day, Hollywood themed event is a guaranteed good time for all! If you want to create a Hollywood themed event you've always dreamed of, Propshop Dubai has a huge selection if Hollywood props for hire. From Our life-sized Oscar statue that stands up gold and shiny, the mighty Lion gold wing, the Oscar statuette, our adorable Mr. Chimp, mega-sized cupcake and lit Palm tree are wonderful Hollywood party supplies to set the mood for your Hollywood themed event!

Hollywood Awards Concept Propshop
Hollywood Awards Concept Propshop

Hollywood Theme Concept

ClapperBoard and Popcorn
ClapperBoard and Popcorn

Clapperboard & Popcorn set

Lion Plinth Set Propshop
Lion Plinth Set Propshop

Lion on podium set

Mr Chimp Monkey Butler with Sclae Figure
Hollywood Mr Chimp Props

Mr Chimp

Astronaut Photo OP
Astronaut Photo OP Front

Astronaut Photo Op

Star Arch Entrance
Star Arch Entrance Hollywoodn Props

Hollywood Star Entrance Arch

Palm tree (with lights) with shadow image
Arabian Nights Palm Tree With Light Props

Palm Tree (with lights)

Star table with shadow image
Hollywood Star Props


Gold Cupcake with Shadow Figure
Hollywood Cupcake Gold Leaf Props

Gold Leaf Cupcake

Lion with Wings
Hollywood Lion With Wings Props

Lion with wings

Oscar Award with Shadow Girl
Hollywood Oscar Statue 1ft. Props

Oscar Statue 1ft.

Oscar Statue with scale
Hollywood Oscar Statue Props

Oscar Statue 6 feet

tiger Gold Mirror with Shadow Figure
Hollywood Mirror Gold Tiger Props

Mirror (gold tiger)