Ahoy Matey! If yer little scurvy scallywags are wantin' a swashbuckling Pirate themed party, here be how! With a scurvy captain at the helm and lots of Propshop Dubai Pirate vintage prop decorations that you need to plunder the high seas and make your Pirate themed party looks pretty amazing! We have a huge selection of Pirate party supplies like our Skeleton Pirate chained to the wall, The Boat bar, Pirate Treasure chest, Skeleton Pirates, Pirate Flag, Pirate with Wheel, Pirate with Telescope, Pirate carrying a chest and Dragons.

Pirate Theme Concept 1 Propshop
Pirate Theme Concept 1 Propshop

Pirate Theme Concept (kids)

Pirate Theme Concept 2 Propshop
Pirate Theme Concept 2 Propshop

Pirate Theme Concept (Adults)

Pirate skeleton & pirate treasure chest set

Pirate girl Rosie rock & pirate boy Mason set

Nautical Anchor Props


Nautical Clown Fish Props

Clown Fish

Crab Chair with shadow lady
Nautical Crab Chair Props

Crab Chair (orange/red & stone colors)

Nautical Octopus Wall Décor Props

Octopus (wall decor)

Pirates Paradise The Green Dragon Props

The Green Dragon

Nautical Shark Hammerhead Props

Shark (Hammerhead)

Nautical The Boat Bar Props

The Boat Bar

Pirates Paradise Pirate Boy Mason Props

Pirate Boy (Mason)

Pirates Paradise Pirate Carrying Chest Props

Pirate (carrying chest)

Pirates Paradise Pirate Flag Props

Pirate Flag

Pirates Paradise Pirate Girl Rosie Rock Props

Pirate Girl (Rosie Rock)

Pirates Paradise Pirate Sitting Props

Pirate (sitting)

Pirates Paradise Pirate Treasure Chest Props

Pirate Treasure Chest

Pirates Paradise Pirate With Lantern Props

Pirate (with Lantern)

Pirates Paradise Pirate With Wheel Pirates Props

Pirate with Wheel

Pirates Paradise Pirate With Bucket Props

Pirate (with Bucket)

Nautical Seagull On Mooring Bollard Props

Seagull on Mooring Bollard

Pirates Paradise Pirate Skeleton Chained To The Wall Props

Pirate Skeleton (chained to the wall)

Pirates Paradise Pirate Skeleton With Monkey Props

Pirate Skeleton (with Monkey)

Pirates Paradise The Red Dragon Props

The Red Dragon

Pirates Paradise Pirate With Telescopes Props

Pirate (with Telescope)