Unicorns maybe mythical creatures from a fantasy world, but they're everywhere in the real world now. They've come flying out of the fairy tale books to earn a glittering place in everyone's hearts. If you love Unicorn World, bring their pretty rainbow hues into your life and get Propshop Dubai Unicorn World themed party props into your own Unicorn World Events. Propshop Dubai can help you plan the most magical Unicorn World event with our Unicorn chair, stunning Unicorn Foals, Giant Candy canes, Giant lollipop, and Giant cupcake. Sparkle through, we're making magic in the Unicorn World!

Cupcake (Chocolate)

Candy cane (rainbow) – 4 ft.

Candy cane (rainbow) – 6 ft.

Unicorn chair

Unicorn Foal (sitting)

Unicorn Foal (standing)

Lollipop (Lt. Blue)

Lollipop (Pink)

Lollipop (Purple)