alice wonderland props

Dream the impossible and fall down the rabbit hole into our quirky and wonderful Alice in the Wonderland theme ideas. Picture the sign as the guests look up in awe to our Alice in the Wonderland decoration ideas, Queen of hearts protecting her tarts, take tea with friends at the Alice in the Wonderland mushroom seats and table, chat with the Cheshire cat, make a hat with The Mad Hatter in your Alice in the Wonderland event! Beautiful, edgy and whimsical Alice in the Wonderland props to hire, suitable for any Alice in the Wonderland themed events, a party in Wonderland will be an evening filled with fun interaction and enchantment. The more you dare to imagine, the "curiouser and curiouser" we can be.

The Mad Hatter



March Hare

Mr Chimp

Mushroom Chair Table Set Props

Mushroom Table & Seats

Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

Tweedledum And Tweedledee Props

Tweedle-dee and Tweedledum

Flamingo statue

Cheshire Cat


Giant Snail Alice in wonderland Female

Snail (Beatrice)

Daffodil flower

Daisy flower (big)

Daisy Flower Small Alice In Wonderland Props

Daisy flower (small)

Flamingo light

Giant Snail Alice in wonderland

Snail (Freddie)


Snail (giant)

Mushroom garbage bin

Mushroom seat 2

Mushroom table

Mushroom seat 1

Tulip Flower Props

Tulip flower