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Alice in Wonderland Theme

Awaiting excitement and fun is what our Alice in Wonderland Theme prop would bring to your events! Who doesn’t know the story of a girl who fell into a rabbit hole, only to discover the magical world of her peculiar friends? At some point in our life, we have read, watched, and listen about Alice in Wonderland. That’s when we started admiring her whimsical world. It awakens are curiosity and somehow think that it could be us in there. Well, that’s the sole purpose of our props. To make you feel you’re in a different universe. This complete Alice in Wonderland Theme set has the whole gang. There’s the Alice and The White Rabbit podium set as the main attraction, of course. You’ll have The Queen of Hearts podium set and The Mad Hatter Tea Party podium set. Furthermore, the supporting acts are also present. Chesire Cat, Chocolate and Gold Lead Cupcakes, and the adorable Mushroom and Table and Seats.

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The Queen of Heart podium set

Podium 70.9×19.7in, Panel 59.1×27.6in, Alice in Wonderland branding, Queen of Hearts 31.50×23.50×43.50in 3 Flamingos 20.5x9x39in

Alice and the White Rabbit podium set

Twin podium set (podium 1 – 100x65cm / podium 2 – 100x50cm / Arch – 100.4×168.1cm, Alice in Wonderland branding, The White Rabbit – 16.75×13.37×31.71in, Alice(sitting) – 20.75×17.50×31.75in

The Mad Hatter tea party podium set

Podium70.9×19.7in, The Mad Hatter 26.75×24.75×54.50in, Tweedledee & Tweedledum 53.50×20.50×49.12in, March Hare 27.25×14.25×15.50in, Dormouse 17.75×10.75×12.125in)

Cupcake (Chocolate)


3 mushroom tables


24 mushroom chairs:

Mushroom seat 1 – 19.5×18.5×17.75in Mushroom seat 2 – 18x18x21.25in

Cheshire Cat


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