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An afternoon tea party with the Mad Hatter isn’t one for the books without the cutest Dormouse. This dormouse prop promises to bring whimsy and playfulness into your events. He’s been part of the Mad Hatter crew ever since and so it shouldn’t be left out for any tea parties in your garden. It stares at you like it’s longing for attention and you easily fall for it. In fact, the dormouse sits still because it wanted to be playful for what it is. If you’re hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed event, this should be there like everybody else. It’s your moral obligation to include the cutest in the Mad Hatter Tea Party team. Otherwise, it isn’t a party after all. For other means, this Dormouse is also ideal as a stand-alone piece in homes, hotels, films and theater productions, restaurants, and other hospitality events. In conclusion, the Dormouse is a lovable prop that can be used on many occasions!  

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 17.75 × 10.75 × 12.125 in
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