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Gifts Sack Photo Op

The Gifts Sack photo op prop. This one is a whole other game of props-making. We’re super-thrilled to have this newest prop in our festive catalog. Technically it’s Santa’s sack of presents but at this point, it could be anyone’s sack. HO HO! The most playful thing about this prop that makes it super popular is that kids can actually BE INSIDE the sack (as seen in the photo).
Probably the only thing that’s missing is the coin slot for it to make it to the arcade spot and wobble all day long. Kidding aside, this gifts sack will be a perfect addition to your Christmas event. Alongside our Christmas tree, Sweet Nutcracker, Santa’s Sleigh, Santa himself, the penguins, and many more to choose from.
* This Photo Op Best Suitable for Children

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Weight 22.6 kg
Dimensions 39 × 31 × 40 in
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