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This huge and adorable giraffe is pro in making your event attendees at home in the wild. Imagine this giraffe standing loud and proud in your outdoor event. Totally an eye-catcher, right? Imagine too how many selfies people will take in front this realistic creature. It’s probably gonna be a trendy one. This giraffe statue is created with excellent craftsmanship and ultimate passion for the sole love of props-making. Amazing details from what’s beyond your expectation. You gotta see it for yourself. Through our Safari catalog, you can get ahold of other animal props like this giraffe, zebra, gorillas, elephant, lion, tiger, and more in the works. As we continue to expand our animal props, you may reach out to us to help you curate the best props for your event. Don’t miss your chance and book this zebra statue as early as today.

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