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Mushroom Stool

The perfect addition to your garden setup is this Mushroom Stool. This outdoor prop is necessary if you’re setting this up with the whimsical Mushroom Table. You can imagine how magical your outdoor party will look once the Mushroom Tables and Stools are all well-placed in the garden. Especially right after seeing kids and families enjoying their snacks in a land portrayed like Alice in Wonderland. Magic will arise and you’ll have an event like no other. This Mushroom Stool, aside from being part of Alice’s crew, can also be used in other themed events. Especially if the occasion is family and kids-oriented. It is ideal and could easily fit in on other fantasy or fairy-tale themed parties. If you’re looking for something unique in particular, you can curate from our wide range of props and decorations. You may DIY as much as you want as we have a large selection of props for you. Now, it’s time to launch the best party ever!

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Weight 17.75 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 18.5 × 17.75 in
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