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Giant Realistic Polar Bear

All this Polar Bear (giant) wants for Christmas is a hug. Who can resist a Polar Bear (giant) dressed up for the season? Christmas event, prop, statue, polar bear, giant, cuddly, playful, marketing tool, branding, easy to set up, transport, durable. Overall, a Giant Sitting Polar Bear prop is a fantastic addition to any Christmas event. Its impressive size, playful appearance, and versatile design make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to attract attention and spread holiday cheer. This statue can specifically be used for Winter Wonderland-themed parties. It is also ideal for bespoke events, festive-themed parties, mall events, conferences, and theme parks. And also homes, gardens, hotels, films, theater productions, plays, shops, restaurants, and all hospitality events.

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Weight 121.4 kg
Dimensions 66 × 62.75 × 89 in
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