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Queen of Hearts

For someone that looks like an angry mom when someone didn’t do the dishes, the Queen of Hearts slays it on point! Well well, the most beloved villain is here. But she’s not here to ruin parties. It’s actually the contrary, she’s here to entertain everyone. Her feature is the most noticeable one if you’re going on an Alice in Wonderland Themed occasion. In all irony, her title as the Queen of Hearts doesn’t quite go well with her angry mood. With her hands pointing directly at you, you’d think you’re in big trouble even if you didn’t do something bad. The Queen of Hearts is a great prop, may it be for indoor or outdoor events. But it’s best to get along with the whole Alice in Wonderland crew. To have a unique narrative for a themed occasion, you have to gather the whole Alice’s team, don’t you think? She might look pissed but the Queen of Hearts will make your party as unique, magical, and special as it gets.

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Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 31.50 × 23.50 × 43.50 in
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