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Sitting Alice

This sitting Alice gives out a different perspective. We all knew her as the curious and adventurous type. But in this decoration, she seems like she just wants to listen to your own fantasy stories. Like a very own friend you constantly share your secret with. The main character of Alice in Wonderland, the one who fell into the rabbit hole, and all of sudden she’s in a new dimension eventually meeting her peculiar friends. Sitting Alice can also be used in other themed events. Especially if the occasion is family and kids-oriented. It is ideal and could easily fit in on other fantasy or fairy-tale-themed parties. If you’re looking for something unique in particular, you can curate from our wide range of props and decorations. You may DIY as much as you want as we have a large selection of props for you. Now, it’s time to launch the best party ever!occasion into a spectacular one. May it is adventure-filled, spooky or a thrilling vibe, their props give life to occasions whether big or small.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 20.75 × 17.50 × 35.75 in