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Sitting Camel on Hay

Sitting Camel on Hay

The Sitting Camel on Hay is a great addition to your Arabian-themed event. With a blue rug covering its humps, it portrays a realistic setting that gives a nice desert vibe. Moreover, this camel’s form is really an adorable and inviting view. Alongside our range of camel props, this decoration is a must. Fun times await as you see this camel sitting in a corner just wanting to be part of the group selfie! This camel on hay, aside from being part of our Arabian Nights theme, can also be used in other events. Especially if the occasion is portraying the beauty of the desert or in a tourism promotional campaign. It is ideal and could easily fit in on other safari-themed events. If you’re looking for something unique for EID Celebrations or Ramadan, you can curate from our wide range of props and decorations. In fact, you may DIY as much as you want as we have a large variety of Arabian props for you. The sitting camel on hay is waiving at you!


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Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 56.50 × 30.25 × 35.25 in
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