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Snowman (double seat)

Make your event magical with The Prop Shop’s Snowman (Double Seat) prop. Perfect for Winter Wonderland-themed parties or any festive occasion, this delightful prop brings a touch of frosty whimsy to any event. Even if you’re not blessed with snow or freezing temperatures, this Snowman (Double Seat) is sure to transport you to a winter wonderland. Not only is this prop perfect for Winter Wonderland events, but it’s also ideal for festive-themed parties, mall events, theater productions, plays, shops, restaurants, and all hospitality events. Our team at The Prop Shop takes pride in crafting high-quality and customizable props for any occasion. In conclusion, The Prop Shop’s Snowman (Double Seat) is a must-have for any event this winter season. Its playful and festive design is sure to delight guests of all ages. So why wait? Contact us today to bring the magic of winter to your event!

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Weight 43.4 kg
Dimensions 61.5 × 42.25 × 67.25 in
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