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The Queen of Hearts Podium Set

The Queen of Hearts may have annoyed you at times during Alice’s adventure but all in all, she’s a well-loved character. Her weird personality is like a piece of the puzzle that is able to complete Alice in Wonderland experience. With the super loveable flamingos on her side, they’re a team for surprises! A perfect addition to a fun and magical occasion you planned! This Queen of Hearts Podium set is clearly an eye-catcher. The balance of its slight grittiness and vibe always call for a picturesque spot. Another great thing about The Queen of Hearts is that, it can stand-out from a crowd. Fundamentally, that’s what a function of a prop should be. As for how massive does this podium set looks, here’s a quick glance of its dimensions and components:
  • Podium (70.9×19.7in)
  • Panel (59.1×27.6in)
  • Alice in Wonderland branding
  • Queen of Heart (31.50×23.50×43.50in)
  • 3 Flamingos (20.5x9x39in)

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Dimensions 19.7 × 70.9 × 72 in
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