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The Unicorn World Set

The Unicorn World Set sets the mood automatically into magical. Whatever type of event may that be, this will give the kids a sense of  dream-come-true vibe that can make the most out of the party. Highly recommended for birthdays, outdoor activities, themed events, and even for school recreational programs. This set is also perfect for photo ops and can also be used in mall show activities. See below for the specs of the props:
  • Twin podium set –39.4×25.6in/ 39.4×19.7in
  • Arch 39.5×66.2in
  • Lollipop 24x14x71.5in
  • Unicorn chair 70×28.5×46.5in
  • Unicorn Foal (sitting) 26.125×14.37x20in
  • Unicorn Foal (standing) 32.25×11.87×35.75in
Book this Unicorn World Set as early as now as we got higher demands. It’s always a treat when realistic whimsical props are present in parties. Exciting and fun is an understatement, specially if you’re a kid. So might as well give them the time of their childhood lives.

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