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Do you have some questions about The Prop Shop Dubai? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Items are ready for hire, please book to ensure items are reserved for your event date. We do sell props if we have additional stock or we have long lead times.


How do we reserve props?


To reserve props, you can either request a quote from The Prop Shop Dubai website, confirm the items you selected, the location and date of the event, your name and contact number, ask for approval or alternatively, you may email or call us to book directly.


How far in advance should I book/reserve a prop?


We do not carry a huge stock number of props in the warehouse, so to ensure availability, it pays to book as early as possible. Of course, we also take last minute orders, but it will just come down to stock availability.

In terms of props for sale, pre-order is being requested allowing us time to order the fabrication and delivery of props to the UAE.


How do I get a quote for props?


To get a quote, simply browse through The Prop Shop Dubai website or search for desired items and click add to quote. You can preview your quote basket and then submit that list and other information required to us. We will get back to you via email within 48 hours.

Alternatively, please call The Prop Shop Dubai number from the website or send us an email through our inquiry form.


What are your payment terms?


We require a deposit of 50% upon confirmation. Your props order will not be confirmed and props will not be reserved in inventory until this deposit has been received. The final balance of your order is due on the day of your event, upon the delivery of your ordered props.


How can I pay for my props order?


You can pay by bank transfer, cash, and check. If you are required to pay before the hire of goods, funds will need to have cleared our account before we will release them.


What happens if I want to make changes to my order?


We understand that things change, so you are welcome to make changes to your props order along the way. You can make adjustments to your props order 2 days before your event.


Do you deliver and pick up props?


The Prop Shop Dubai absolutely provides the delivery and collection of the props. Delivery is a separate fee, based on load size and distance within the UAE. Contact us to know the delivery prices.


Can I arrange my own transport?


No. Due to our props value and delicate condition, we insist on personally delivering our props to your venue. This is to ensure that the vehicle arrives with adequate space and equipment to take care of the props while in transit.


What can I expect with the set up and pack down service?


The setup/installation service and positioning of props on the venue that fits your style and event are optional/free of charge. We will only set up and position the props we are supplying and will not get involved in setting up of external/personal items unless prior arrangements have been made.



How long can we hire the props?


The minimum hire charge of our props is 1 day. We can do a set up through a day before your event. We do allow flexibility with this if required, and as always, we will aim to work in with your requirements.



What if I need to keep the props for longer than I originally booked them for?


Yes, you can hire props for as long as you need them, but we do suggest to please contact us as we always have extra props in the warehouse available for purchase. This might save you a little for long-term rentals and you get to own the props to be used again.



I need to hire a prop for a long time, is this possible?



Yes, you can keep the props for longer if you need to but we would appreciate it if you contacted us to let us know because this always depends on the availability of the props.

Please note that you will be charged for the additional time that you have the props.




I am looking for something not listed on your website.


If you are looking for something which is not listed on our website, please let us know. We may have those items or know a company who has, and we are always looking to acquire new stock, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Let us know what you are looking for.



Can you make a custom prop?


Yes, but it always depends on the timeline. We have local suppliers to do the fabrications and we will be more than happy to help you with your events!



How are props priced?


All our props are priced individually on many factors. Usually the price of hiring or buying a prop is based on its size and unique details. Please contact us or submit a request a quote online to get prices.



What is a The Prop Shop Dubai display concept options?


These are our suggested display styles using The Prop Shop Dubai props depending on your desired theme. They have been created to help you visualize how to mix and match different pieces to create your perfect decoration that suits your event! Please refer to our Halloween display, Winter Wonderland, Elf school and Penguin land display concepts.



How big are your props?


Our props vary in sizes. Sizes/dimensions are usually noted and when you view a prop on The Prop Shop Dubai website or on your quote.



I only need one small prop, is there a minimum hire fee?


Yes, there is a minimum of a thousand dirhams rental fee.



Something got damaged while I was using the props.


You must keep the props in good repair and condition, but reasonable wear and tear is an exception. Should any accidents or breakages happen, please contact us as quickly as possible with the details?

Once the prop has been returned to us, we will assess the damage and contact you regarding the cost. You will be charged for the repair of the prop and for any depreciation in value if necessary. If the prop cannot be repaired, we will charge them at full replacement costs. We will ask that you keep hold of and return all the parts/pieces from the prop as this can improve our ability to repair the piece and therefore reduce the cost incurred.



Something went missing while I was hiring it.


You must keep the props safe and protected against the risk of loss or theft while at your premises and ensure that all the labels on the props identifying it as The Prop Shop Dubai property are maintained in place throughout the hire period.

If something has been lost or stolen while in your care, you will be charged for the cost of replacing the prop. The replacement values of all props are listed in the quotation that we handed you. We would appreciate it if you contact us as soon as you become aware of the loss and should the props be found at a later date, please return them and we will refund you the cost.



Am I allowed to make changes to the props I have hired, for example, paint them a different color?


No. Alterations or adjustments of any kind are not permitted without our written consent. If you wish to make changes, please contact us and we will confirm if this is allowed or not. If any changes are made without our consent, you will be charged for the cost to restore the props to its original state.



Can I cancel my reservation?


Please be aware that once a contract is signed and your event date is scheduled, a cancellation that is made 2 days prior to the event, 50% of total invoice will be forfeited. Cancellation made 24 hours prior to an event; a full rental fee will be forfeited.





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